Monday, September 26, 2011

Welcome to My World

Is out. I have an essay in it!  It's an e-book giving both sides of the working-as-mom Vs working-out-of-the-home debate.  By bloggers.  Contributions paid for (that never happens in academic publishing . . . so.  Y'know.  VERY exciting) by a company called Giggle, which looks like it runs a tres chic site for those with wee babies in need of good gear.
Ebook available via Amazon.  Giggle's at

Here endeth the promotion, for I need to 1) stop freaking out about trying to finish my academic book by Friday (will likely pay less and have fewer readers than Welcome to My World) and 2) go do a bit of yoga on the college basketball courts so that the pain in my lower back goes away.

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