Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Add to the move

A pile of new articles about anger management (in which the line between whose anger needs managing--mine? The childrens's??  The pet rats's???--gets blurry) and you have a fuller slate of activities to make the eyes boggle.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Been a Hella 7 Weeks

For the first seven weeks of semester, I taught 4 courses, one of them a two-credit, 7 week course, 3 of them new.  In academic speak: oof!  That's a crazy course load.  And in Me-speak: oof!  Thank god that's over (or the 2 credit one is over, anyway.  The others continue on).

On Friday afternoon I had the kids at work with me, and Smiles said: "Momma!  What if your next meeting is about whether you get to be Queen of the College??!!"  What if, indeed!

And then there's the upcoming move (scheduled for this weekend), and BF's broken leg . . .