Monday, January 25, 2016

After the Big Snow

Will they remember that we played outside in the driving snow and it was fun?  That we drank hot chocolate and ate popcorn, and played at being a Loud Rock Band  with real amped guitars and a microphone in the basement?  That we slept in and I made blueberry muffins?  That they dozed on the couch with the dog and the puppy?  That we made a Lego shark and tried an impossible puzzle?  That there was enough snow to sled over our rock wall?


Will they remember the number of times I said "m*therf*cker" when I discovered that a dog had peed in my bed?  That I got unreasonably cranky after shovelling for too long?  That I complained about how one was ready to go out, all bundled up, but the other was lying on the couch and would not get ready--I howled at him "you are NO help at all!  Now Voice will get cold and want to go in just as you, Smiles, are ready to go outside finally.  Why do you have to be that way?"

Well, we are all alive.  And the washing machine still works.  So that's pretty good, right?