Friday, September 30, 2011

Significant pieces of paper

1)  The UPS receipt which indicates my manuscript on third culture literature is off to McFarland&Co, its publisher.

2)  My eyeglass prescription because Sarah Bryden-Brown (a dynamo of all things e-publishing and bloggery) has arranged for a number of us bloggers to write reviews of a new prescription eyewear service.  Stay tuned.  I am excited.

Last week Sherman Alexie spoke on campus about his experiences of growing up on an Indian reservation: among other things, he got government eyeglasses with thick lenses and Buddy Holly style frames.  He pointed into the audience of student hipsters and said: "You have them, and so do you, and you too!  You think you look cool.  I think you look poor." 

So the question for me will be: adopt the trend and look like my "cool" students, or try to predict the future in eye fashions?

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