Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ups and Downs, Campus life

Down: I got a parking ticket on campus because I parked Husband's car (which I was driving yesterday) in visitor parking.  Problem apparently is the expired college decal on his car.  No decal?  It would have been a genuine "visitor."  Car with decal which expired in August 2007 in the visitor parking lot?  Please pay us $25.

Up: I was at an event at the college President's house yesterday evening (which was why Husband needed my car with child seats in it to pick up the children from preschool, and why I drove his car up to campus and left it *horrors* in the visitor parking lot).  At the bar, I was carded when I asked for a glass of wine.  I am forty one and tired: the bartender must have been thrown off by my attire, or blind.  But still.  Up.

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