Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Pressing items on today's agenda:
-cubby conference for Clara.
-do class schedule for English department's Spring 2012 classes.
-prep my own classes for tomorrow.
-faculty meeting.

In the midst of these pressing concerns, I dismissed today's weather as "rainy" until driving down a six lane road reduced to 2 lanes (one each way) by a rising tide of water, passing several suv's stalled by high water, arriving at the college's parking lot to discover most of it aswirl with swift running water (I found a spot that seemed out of the direct path of flooding) and watching facilities maintenance struggle to redirect water flowing directly over the lintels of the building that houses our performance hall and gallery spaces.

To get to my building required walking through 2 ankle-deep rivers (formerly sidewalks).  Quite dramatic.  I fear our leaky roof at home is not faring well.

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