Friday, February 12, 2016

Migraine and Lowered Expectations

Nevermind the idea of "teaching well" or producing wonderments and fun for the children, a migraine day is simply about surviving time, keeping classes moving and children alive, without barfing or weeping.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Oh, but there was Chinese New Year . . .

It recedes as guilt and loss fill the foreground of my thoughts,
we had a rocking Chinese New Year, with dim sum (yummy things AND sesame "ick-balls"), a lion dance at the museum, slices of pizza, and then a swim at the YMCA.  A good day.

Ways I make Myself Crazy: 1

Regret and Self-Recrimination

2 hour snow delay for school.  Kids are with their father.
 Do I have 80+ pages (in small font) of Said's Orientalism to prep for class?  Yes. 
Do I wheedle in a text to the kids' father so that I don't become responsible for the extra at home hours and then dropping the kids off?  Yes. 
Do the kids get, presumably, a chill morning playing extra video games at Dadda's house?  Yes. 
Do I feel wracked with regret because I have gone to work and missed out on parenting time? Yes.
Do I have to be at work though?  Yes.
Do I feel grief-filled and guilt-ridden nonetheless?  Yes.