Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bloody Children


Clara had a streak of dried blood up her back this morning when I dressed her.  Hard to say from what: no visible wounds.  Successful mosquito swipe, perhaps?

And Winton face-planted dramatically in the preschool parking lot this morning, making for a colorful entrance: "Hello!  Winton's bleeding.  Do you have band-aids?"  I can see this made his teacher feel much as she did yesterday (I'm fairly sure she was crying behind sunglasses when we saw her on the playground late afternoon).

I washed W's knee liberally, which made him cry so hard he started to shake.  And then I sat with him for a couple of minutes.  And then I left, which made him cry/shake again.



Clara has decided to protest everything and anything by dint of screaming like a malfunctioning pile-driver ("WAAAAH  WAAAAAH" at high pitch for minutes at a time).  EG at 1AM when I wouldn't let her sleep in my bed with me. Also at 7AM when her father tried to brush her hair. And at 8.30 AM when I tried to get her ready to go on a dog walk.

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