Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Monday

At work.  The hall outside my office smells strongly of vomit, and that smell, oddly, is not emanating from the bathroom on this floor.  I'm opting out of further investigation.  Yay the undergraduates are back (grumble grumble).

Yesterday, to give Husband a break from his labor day parenting marathon, and to give Clara pleasure-overload, we had a playdate at Henry's house.  It was a good day to be inside: humid and hot, with grey skies through which spears of uncomfortably bright sun shot through at unexpected intervals.  And Henry's family has a nice house with lots of room for kids to play, and lots of compelling toys.  And I love a chance to catch up with Henry's mother. 

Despite my having fed Clara and Winton before we left home, they ate prodigious, embarrassing, quantities of apple.

Among the highlights: Henry gave Clara a Spiderman ring (Nonchalantly: "Here, I have tons of these.  You can have one").  He then suggested that he and Clara should go take a bath together.  So innocent and adorable . . . and, through the filthy lens of an adult mind, hilarious.  First the ring, then the bath.  What manners the boy has!

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