Friday, August 5, 2011

Wrapping up the past to put in the future's cubby

Today is Winton's last day at daycare. Though monumental to me, it is just like any other day this summer (too hot, too full of NPR news about how the climate, and fiscal climate, are irretrievably broken).  It feels imperative to tie up loose ends.  To that end, this is today's agenda:

1.  Drop Clara off at preschool, pausing to mediate as she returns Sadie's towel and apologizes for having stolen it.

2. Drop Winton off at daycare, pausing to hold him on my lap and feed him ice cubes in a reprise of yesterday's injured-lip debacle.

3. Stop at Panera (the one I used to go to when I was a bachelorette newly arrived in Baltimore--I don't think I've been there in the last four years) and read my writing buddy's work for this afternoon's meeting.

4. Walk over to Target and buy $190 of diapers (size 6--what an embarassment of un-potty-trainedness), new backpack so Winton has one for school (girly enough that he'll like it, hopefully not so girly he'll be teased), gear for trimming the children's hair, new undies for me (Hanes: tres chic--ha), and Dora towel to replace the one we returned to Sadie.

5. Home to de-loot the car, write this and eat a quick lunch.

6. Load car with Maria's good-bye present (the chocolate and wine will have to go in a cooler so they don't spoil in the heat), and diapers/ wipes.

7. Writing meeting at a local cafe.

8. Go to Clara's school, pick her up, give her a tour of the classroom she will be moving up to in two weeks AND also drop-off the diapers and wipes Winton will need starting Monday in what will be his new classroom.

9.  Buy flowers for Maria.

10.  Go to Maria's with Clara to pick up Winton, drop off Maria's present and flowers, tearily say good-bye and try to steal the baby doll Winton has been so keen on the last few days.

And the lump on my hand persists.  And my hair keeps falling out.  I am loveliness and calm incarnate.

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