Monday, August 29, 2011

Good things

1)  I got the last space in the parking lot near my office's building.
2)  The children's preschool had power and was open today.
3) BGE reconnected our power at 8.45 this morning, and some things in our fridge were still cold.
4) It was cool last night, so even though we had no electricity, I had a very good night's sleep.
5) The cats caught a mouse this morning and Husband and I managed to pick Pepita up (the one who was at that point holding the still living mouse in her mouth), hold her face over a tupperware box, enjoin her to let it go, succeed, catch the living mouse in the box, slap a lid on it, take it out back and release it.  Maneuvers that optimistic and rife with the potential for tumult don't usually go so very smoothly.

I love the weather events that make our neighborhood quiet.  I'm a little sad about the noise that will come tonight as everyone reoccupies their houses.  Last night on the back porch was tranquil, peachy-skied and quite lovely.  Mind you, at 11.40 pm I heard what sounded like 2 gun shots in the total darkness out there.

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