Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Clara stole someone else's Dora towel from school over a week ago, smuggling it home by wrapping it up inside her own towel.  She has presented a variety of stories: A.J. gave it to me; it was in the "found" box; Miss Pam gave it to me; it was lost. 
I have let her keep it because . . . well, honestly because I wanted to avoid the melt-down that would happen when I took it away. 
Yesterday Husband discovered that on the back side of the washing instructions label it says "Sadie."  Ah.  O sh*t.
It appears Sadie was away for a week, and Clara stole her towel.
We shall have to return it. . . as soon as I can schedule a good time for Clara's EPIC meltdown at preschool.
Question: When and how did Clara get so good at subterfuge?

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