Wednesday, August 24, 2011

And now,


Things to be thankful for:
1) The dog only has earmites, and I think there are over the counter treatments which I'll be able to buy sometime between my afternoon meeting and retrieving my car.
2) The loaner car I'm using while our car spends our meager savings for us is VERY swank and nice to drive.
3) The weather is gorgeous today.
4) The earthquake yesterday didn't damage anything.
5) I can tell when Clara's clingyness on drop-off is false, so I don't currently feel tortured by guilt.
6) Winton's classroom includes a toy set of cupcakes in a cupcake tin, and Winton is instantly, completely absorbed when presented with it.
7) The scratches from the cat-fight that erupted in my bed last night are hidden by my skirt.
8) The look on the mechanic's face when I removed the child seats yesterday (in order to transfer them to the loaner), revealing 5 years worth of cheerios on the back bench seat.  My god, it's amazing the car doesn't have rats.  Disgusting.  Mechanic: clearly concerned our car will make him ill.

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