Friday, August 12, 2011

Winton Preschool, Day Five

Winton [in car, crying as we pull into the preschool parking lot]: "I don't want to go!  I want to go to Clar's class.  I want to go to Miss Susan [Clara's teacher]."
Me: "Why?"
Winton: "I scared."

Me, in my head: Well, duh!  This is in fact the first major new experience he's ever done on his own.  Before he has always joined Clara and had her there for support.  No wonder he's freaking out now: he's not in  Clara's class, so though he is "at her school," he has to get to know his new teachers all by himself.  I never realized it before (because his confidence has always been buoyed by Clara's precedent), but Winton is shy.  Who knew?


  1. Ah man! Poor little Winton. I fear that my second son will be the same way. When he's with his brother he's crazy and loud...playing superheros and running around like a wild animal with him. But take him out of the house and he's a totally different kid, shy, super quiet, clingy. I worry. :(

    I hope Winton gets over his fears soon...these stories break my heart a little bit. (but don't stop posting about them...fingers are crossed that he turns a corner!)

  2. On Thursday when I arrived to pick him up he was asleep on his cot--angelic and peaceful. It's good to know that SOME of his anxiety dissipates as the day goes on. Fingers crossed for tomorrow morning (Monday)!