Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Winton, Clara: "parenting" styles

Clara, herself a dodgy sleeper at the best of times, spends a lot of time trying to get her toys to sleep.  She makes them nests of rolled up blanket, hides them in quiet corners, darkens rooms and then tiptoes away.  Should a stuffed cat or Dora doll disobey, Clara's punishments are severe: no parties for you, green cat! No cupcakes!  You cannot come to my show!

Winton borrowed a baby doll from daycare yesterday, one of the ones with eyes that open when the doll is upright and close when it is prone, and a little pursed mouth to accept a toy bottle.  Though he enjoyed the effect when he stood on the doll's neck, he also spent much of this morning feeding his baby, wrapping it in a blanket, and holding it lovingly.  He'd look down into its plastic face and say "Awww, baby! So cute" and then hug the thing to him gently, tenderly.

And I say, "Awwww, my baby, you are so cute."

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  1. That is SO sweet! Adrian used to 'bicycle' his stuffed animals legs and tell me they "got gas" after Finley was born. I also had to diaper them too. Who says little boys don't have 'maternal' instincts???