Tuesday, August 23, 2011


See if you can prioritize the list below.  I could do with some help.

Though I have cleared my desk, the onset of semester has my head full of competing teaching chores (none of which I have started work on), unfinished book bits, and nervous energy around being department chair and getting our new curriculum reviewed asap and figuring out the details of chairing a job-search committee.
I've also taken the car (pulling to the left strongly enough it can almost do a u-turn all by itself) to the mechanic, and consented to have one of the two other expensive pieces of maintenance done.  I feel the need to hold money in reserve because our damn roof started leaking again on Sunday.  Damn.  Must contact roofer.
Everything feels urgent.
Winton skinned his knee again this morning.
My spider bite hasn't gone away (it's been over a month).  I should show it to a doctor, I guess.
And I'm hungry, but forgot to bring my favorite kind of chocolate with me (not a crippling crisis, thankfully, as I do have back-up chocolate).

Paralyzed by options, I shall continue to stare at my computer (which isn't working right and which I'm waiting for IT to fix).

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