Monday, May 16, 2011

World O' Winton

This weekend featured dinner out on Saturday at Pavan Foods, a family-run grocery and Indian Restaurant, at which Winton failed to consume the idli (steamed rice/ lentil flour dumplings) I thought would be mild enough for him and instead ate the very spicy sambhar that accompanied them, insisting that it was "soup."

Also on the agenda was a Sunday afternoon flail at the pool, followed by dinner (Out! Again!) at the Whole Foods buffet.

Unusually eventful.

This morning (Monday) Winton spent a lot of time demanding to "Sit Lap" and, during one of these snuggly sits, I asked "Winton, are you tired today?"

To which he responded "Nope.  Just bum-burps and yawning."

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