Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dance Class # 2

Winton is 2, Clara 4.  I thought it would be good to have them do some dancing (in other words, I was shamed by the colleague whose kids are the same age and do dance, violin and swimming classes). 

I hired a graduating dance student from the college at which I work to come to our house once a week.

She came over last week: Clara stretched a bit; Winton hid in the kitchen and shrieked.

She came over again yesterday: Clara insisted on putting a tutu on her blanket (ie stuffing blankie through the central hole where a girl's body is supposed to go) and then lay on the floor immobile (much worse than last week); Winton ran around shrieking (much better than last week).

Is it worth it?  Shall we persevere?


  1. Meh. I made the mistake of being all gung ho signing my oldest up for gymnastics and soccer...won't be doing that again for ... a long time. Adrian never listened at gymnastics and just wanted to sit on my lap the whole time the kids were playing soccer. So please, don't feel bad. ;)

  2. This makes me feel better! How (why) do parents do it? I do, seriously, know someone whose 4 year old does violin, dance and swimming every week. I wonder if he's a very different type of kid, or if she has a higher tolerance for yelling than I do . . .

  3. We got expelled from music class. My wild child will just have to teach himself piano if he ever gets interested in more than the volume slider.