Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Yesterday evening Winton peed on the carpet next to his sister's bed, again.  She hates that, understandably, so there was a substantial amount of high-pitched screaming.  I'm having trouble getting the boy to sit on either the potty or the toilet.  This would be OK, as Winton could pee standing up if he liked, and if I could figure out a way to demonstrate it.  I said, over a patch of sodden carpet, "we really have to get your father to show you."

This morning Winton went in to wake his father, and the two of them snuggled in bed for a few minutes.

When I listened in, Winton was asking, perhaps as follow-up to last night's pee incident and the need for instructional materials,
"Daddy, you have penis?  Daddy has big penis?  Daddy? Daddy has big penis?"

(I imagine I'll get a hit or two today from some very frustrated porn seekers.)

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