Tuesday, May 17, 2011


A mother at Clara's school congratulated me this morning on how smooth our drop-off routine is.
"Well," I said, remembering many days spent trying to prise a small hysterical girl off my leg, "It hasn't always been this way."

Winton has always been easier to drop-off.  He is the boy who will generally give me an affectionate peck on the cheek and then announce "Bye, Mum."  BUT, when we reached his daycare today, he pitched such a massive and uncharacteristic fit when I left that I could hear him outside the building.

1) Gah!  I feel TERRIBLE.
and, perhaps also
2) Little bugger,  with cat-like perversity, he's proving that congratulatory Mom wrong.

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  1. There are days I don't feel I deserve the blame for the bad behavior or the praise for the good. Having more than one kid has taught me how little impact I have on almost any way they behave. (But yeah, that lady totally jinxed it!)