Thursday, May 12, 2011

I sound my barbaric "Yes"

Yes.  My grades ARE in.
Yes.  I have sent an email to the children's dance teacher asking if she can come Tues instead of Thurs in case I can go to baccalaureate.
Yes.  I have sent around emails asking for money for a gift for the outgoing department chair.
Yes.  I did the follow-up paperwork for the Liberal Education Requirements.
Yes.  I did email our provost to ask what the process/ timeline is if we want to hire next year.

No.  I did not start thinking about unfinished, messily piled, Chapter 3.

However.  Yes.  I am going to go browse T-shirts at Ann Taylor Loft now (Mother's day money for shirts, shoes and bras, right?)

and Yes.  I am going to yoga 2.30-4pm.

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