Saturday, May 28, 2011


Winton's.  In the carpet.  Again.
I leave him undiapered for about 5 minutes after bathtime hoping to entice him to pee in the potty, or even the toilet.  He HAS in fact peed in the potty (once) and on the (tiled!  easy to clean!) bathroom floor while wedged behind the toilet (many times).

This after a major melt down because we read a story with a white terrier in it and then, on the next page, a collie.  Winton wouldn't believe that they were different dogs and kept wailing and asking why the white dog's head was broken on the second page.  He only  let it go when I made up a story about what had happened to the white dog's head to break it.

I'm tired now, and I think I have little boy pee on my feet.

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