Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shut Up About Animals

Have you read Whoopee by Antonia Cornwell?  She's really very funny.  She has a number of posts labelled "Shut Up About Your Cats" which, for obvious reasons, came to mind for me today for momosyllabic has been all "cat cat cat" of late.

As a brief return to more typical material, I thought you might like to know what Clara and Winton argued, violently, about all the way to school:  what color the balloons should be at the birthday party Clara is going to pretend to have for her pink blankie this weekend.
Why pink, of course.  The argument arose from the fact that Clara wanted the balloons to be pink and, by her logic, that meant that Winton could not also want the balloons to be pink.  And yet he did.  He wanted pink balloons for the pretend party as well.
Oh the yelling.  And then the attempts to hit each other.  (Car seats: wonderful for preventing fisticuffs.)

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