Tuesday, November 8, 2011


After getting home from preschool, to his father:
Winton: "I have food in my pocket!"
Husband: "You do?"
Winton: "YES.  It's, um, broccoli, and tofu and um, CELERY!"
Husband, to me, over Winton's head: "Did he have any of those in his school lunch?"
Me: "No, those must be pretend pocket foods."

Winton, on Elmo cell phone, to his sister, on cupped ear cell phone:  "Hello?"
Clara: "Hi Poopy-Head!"
Winton: "I don't like that.  Don't say Poopy-Head!  I love you very much, bye bye." [hangs up]

And then hysteria at bedtime because I wouldn't go fetch his sunglasses for him to wear to bed.

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