Thursday, November 24, 2011


1) Continuous rain?  Check
2) Surprisingly cold temperatures?  Check
3) Blue lipped children harvesting shells on the frigid Crescent Beach beach?  Check
4)  Live mussel discovered in Winton's coat pocket 24 hours after beach excursion?  Check
5)  Lunch of pierogis at crowded Granville Island market?  Check
6) Children dancing to busker fiddling on Granville Island?  Check
7)  Capuccino at Joe's on Commercial Drive?  Check
8)  Phone call from my brother explaining why he stood us up at Joe's?  Check
9) Visit to Museum of Anthropology to look at totem poles in the rain?  Check
10)  Bubble tea at mandarin-speaking Richmond public market? Check


  1. So jealous you're in Vancouver despite the cold temps and rain. My best friend lives there. I love it there regardless of weather and I miss her terribly.

  2. We're back in Baltimore now . . . and I am missing Vancouver terribly. The pine trees! The mountains on the horizon! (Missing cities you love that also house people you love is the worst though--commiserations).