Monday, November 7, 2011


There was a brief, surreal, window of time in which I was a British school girl, replete with uniform tie and uncomfortable blazer.  At that time (age 14), the cultural norms dictated that the most effective way to ostracize a peer was to "send them to Coventry" which meant  no one spoke to them, and that they themselves might as well not talk.

I have lost my voice.  Apparently, I can't write if I can't talk as it has been days since I posted.  I am in Coventry . . . except I am in Baltimore, quite sick, behind a desk stacked with layers of to do list and underwhelming student essays.

And I'm stressed that my Department is doing a job search and our ad has only just gone to the Modern Languages Association website.

Back to grading, silently, as one humbled in punishment.

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