Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dear Santa

Last night, after a long first day back at work/ preschool, I was trying to throw dinner together for the kids.  I was rushing.  I needed them not to want to "help" this time.  So, I got them paper and crayons and installed them at their little table with instructions that they each draw a Christmas list for Santa, one which we could talk about over the dinner table.

Once the dinner (whole wheat spaghetti, a lemon olive chickpea sauce and broccoli) was on the table and we were messily eating, I brought out their "lists."

Clara had drawn a Christmas "sock" (by which she meant stocking full of toys), a violin and bow, and a spare pink blankie.

Winton, echoing Baldrick in Black Adder ("I'd like a turnip of my own in the country"), had drawn a big blue potato and then, as afterthoughts, a rainbow, and a pink blankie like his sister's.

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  1. Here is where I admit I googled Baldrick + Black Adder.

    I love their Santa's lists. Adorable.