Monday, June 20, 2011

Why I might throw Winton's shorts away

1) Because I had to take Pepita to the vet today for a booster shot and on the way home she peed, copiously, in her crate.
2) Because when I braked at a red light, her pee slopped over the lip of the crate, through the front mesh and into my backpack, drenching the contents (glasses case, wallet, cell phone, spare diaper and wipes, a zillion napkins pens and paperclips, orange, nalgene, daytimer, journal, file folder).
3) Because when I got home I had to wash all of the above, including the cat.
4) Because the dog then threw up (twice) and Winton peed on the floor (in both the small downstairs bath and the bigger upstairs bath).
5) Because I'm tired. 
6) and finally, I might throw Winton's shorts away because they have been poop-encrusted and wrapped in a plastic bag since Maria (his daycare provider) stripped them off the boy's butt several hours ago.

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