Monday, June 20, 2011

Back at (near) work

So.  The clock is ticking.  By the end of this summer my book about third culture literature needs to be finished.  That means a substantial re-write of chapter two and the introduction and the writing from scratch of a forward and a concluding fourth chapter.  What?  You say you don't care? 

Well, fine.  It seems you are in concert with the universe for my daytimer for the next week features the following:
Pepita to vet for booster and re-scan of her microchip because the number I got last time is, apparently, wrong.
Hardie to vet for vaccinations and to figure out why he is chewing the base of his tail so vigorously.
Winton to vet, I mean DOCTOR, for shots and to have preschool health forms filled out.

Lots of time driving around, hanging out in waiting rooms, and having small things cry/ shed/ bleed on my lap.

Not so much time thinking about the convolutions of what happens when writers grow up expat.

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