Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Road Trip Plans

Let's see . . .

Hyundai Accent?  Check.

Two children still in bulky car seats that take up the whole back bench? Check.

Two adults?  Check.

Small trunk filled to capacity with pack'n'play, sleeping bag, linens and towels for our destination, diapers, wipes etc? Check.

Some essential item, as yet to be discovered, left out of trunk?  Check, probably.

Elaborate, illegible note left for catsitter?  Check.

Bassett hound prone to barfing, with nowhere to sit in the car except on my lap?  Check.

100F weather? Check.

I think we may be just about ready to go.  Asssuming writing as much doesn't jinx our departure, ciao to you all.
See you back here around June 21.

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