Monday, June 20, 2011

Two more holiday reflections

1)  It's nice to stay in someone else's house when it has plumbing problems even more intriguing than your own house  does (the house in the Poconos had a downstairs half bath in which the toilet filled only with piping hot water!).  Makes our problems feel smaller.

2) Grandfathers, 2 year olds and escalators are a bad combination (Granpa tipped over and rode up an escalator on his back, holding Winton aloft while the rest of us fumbled to get the cover off the emergency "stop" button).  Rescue of Winton effected by Husband.  I dragged Granpa around a bit, probably doing more harm than good and, eventually, Granma got the escalator to stop. Terrifying and, for Granpa, painful.  Winton was calm until he realised his Grandpa was in pain at which point he repeatedly, worriedly, asked "Granpa OK?  Is He?  Granpa?  He OK?"  Rushdie was right to have a character in his short story "The Courter" refer to escalators as "escaleaters."

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