Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm lousy at feeling lousy

Yesterday: headache, heartburn.
Today: just heartburn.

Just heartburn?  Yegads!  I feel, for a second day, as though I've misguidedly been eating batteries for an "energizing" breakfast.

I find the minor discomfort robs me of a sense of humor.  How on earth do parents with major, real, big, important health issues manage?  I find myself arguing against the children's desire for more bath toys just because I don't want to stand up again.  But what if I had backpain (as a friend of mine does) or angina (as my mother has had for her whole life) or arthritis (another mother friend) or Crohn's (still another friend/parent)?  No bath toys ever?  Really, there are parents out there made of far stronger stuff than I.

This is a good week, actually, now that I've washed the cat pee smell out of everything, for Husband's DC office is closed for the week because of an air-conditioner malfunction.  Since Tuesday afternoon he has been working from home.  Lovely!  We've had dinners together, and he mowed the lawn.  He also took Winton to the Dr. today.  Idyllic.

(This is how it should be always, dammit. But without heartburn.)

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