Friday, March 25, 2011

Tether, end of

It should be marked, like receipt paper, so that I know ahead of time that I'm getting towards the end of my tether.  Intstead I feel like I'm already dangling off the end before I know that the tether's end has been reached.  Today? Dangling. Already.

Here's how you can tell:
I just phoned the daughter's preschool to apologise for being rude on drop off.  I try to avoid getting there when her class is making the transition from "the big building" to "the carriage house," but they were running late today, and my window of time is small as I have to be here to teach, and still have Winton to drop off en route.  So we (Clara, Winton and I) waited in the carriage house, and then, with me impatient, went to the big building and met the jumble of 4 year olds on the stairs, and I interposed myself demanding a sign-in sheet, muttering under my breath about the time, The Time!, and Clara cried, and Winton cried.  And I have now been crying.

And there are only 7 minutes till class.  Must pull self together.

[Breathing . . .]

And now only 4 minutes . . .

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