Thursday, March 17, 2011

Harmony of the Spheres

Remember that old Pythagorean bit about a symphony of planetary movement?  I love Pythagoras, and Heraclitus, and all those really bizarre ancient Greek thinkers, and not just because their names are fun to say. 

I have my own theory of Spheres and Harmony.  I suspect it of being dysfunctional, but here it is:

There are Three Main Spheres in my life:

Work (including teaching and the book with its Aug. 2011 submission deadline)

Children (Husband gets folded into this one--in a more subsidiary role than he deserves)

Social Interaction (yoga classes, hiking and squash games get folded into this one on the grounds that they are communal activities)

I can juggle only TWO of the three options.  I can only do TWO of those three:
Work and Kids, Kids and Work.

For life is long, right?  And right now my commitments are to those small people who want me, and those other folks who pay my salary.

(but a small, petulant bit of my brain keeps thinking about yoga schedules)

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