Wednesday, March 16, 2011

100th post: On leaving the house

Do your children/ pets stage dramatic meltdowns on the threshold of departure? 

Mine do.  Every. Single. Morning.

This morning as we were getting ready to leave Clara said "I've been to Ireland" to which I responded "No you haven't" and then she lay down on the floor with her pink blankie and wailed, left hand curled melodramatically by her left eye (always her "tell" if she's bluffing).

Her crying set off her brother--whose upset when his sister is upset is pretty genuine.

And Hardie, as he does every day, dog-wept in a higher pitch through it all.

"Why are you upset that you haven't been to Ireland?" I ask, trying to be sensitive while also trying to lassoo her brother and get his shoes on him and ignore the dog, and remember to pick up the blanket the boy needs to bring with him to daycare otherwise he won't nap, and remember the two blocks he stole from daycare yesterday so we can return them, and simultaneously endeavor to pass a coat in Clara's floor-writhing direction.
"Be[sob]cause I like leprechauns!"

Do other people have departures like this?

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  1. OMG. This was hysterical and yes, my children and dog do the same.