Thursday, March 10, 2011

Never ever

Never ever document moments of euphoria: the universe will immmediately smack you down.

Today?  Thursday.  Big prep day for Friday classes and Friday afternoon seminar (this week's seminar's on Sarah Bird's The Yokota Officer's Club: 350 pages).

Husband's Car?  The one we just paid $400 for yesterday so that its brakes work?  Yup.  That one.  It died in Annapolis today (apparently in a big show of green fluid and curiously minus a drive belt) and is now being towed back to the shop at great expense, with Husband and an important scientist that Husband is responsible for today both crammed damply (did I mention it's been raining monsoon style all day?) into the tow truck's cab.

I'm off to get the damp men now.  Gonna be a long night of reading and both Clara and Winton are gonna complain about what Winton bemoans as "long long long time! Mummy" if I get he (him?) and his sister late.  Sigh.

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