Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mommy is evil

Christmas, Winton's birthday, New Year's, Clara's Birthday and Mitch's birthday all fall within a 10 day period which annually overlaps with our 13 hour each way drive to my in-laws in time for their Christmas Eve party followed by an obligatory wider in-law family party on the afternoon of Christmas day (sometimes itself involving several extra hours of driving depending on which wing of the family is hosting). 

Even when well, I am ready to poke myself in the eye with a barbeque skewer by January 3rd.
I have been more patient (resigned, fevered) this year, and have tried very hard to be affable and good -natured through it all.

Today, even with pneumonia, I procured flowers for Clara (her birthday today), arranged the outing which will actually celebrate her turning five, and encouraged the children to help make the salad dressing for dinner. 

I even consented to carrying Clara upstairs, which she loves, and I hate because a) she is heavy and b) I currently can't breathe.  Half way up she started to squirm.  At some point she reached her arm behind her so that when I went to put her down I pressed it, inadvertently, into a type of wrestling hold that hurt.  "Mommy, you did that on purpose!" Clara screamed at me, red-faced and more than once.  Goddamn.  No.  I didn't.  I didn't even want to.

Maybe I should just act like a harpy all the time if I'm going to be accused of intentionally hurting my children, by my children.

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