Monday, January 9, 2012

Be it resolved that . . .

Nothing like a good long bout of pneumonia to make me ask myself "how did I get to be so low" (where "low" means: ill, tired, demoralized, shut-in, bleak).  Here are my plans. (Who cares, right?  But perhaps making them public record will make me act on them.)

Stress management:
Maintain my "regime" (half hour of yoga M-F; half hour dog walk w/ kids every day), and add one "excursion" a week in the form of either a bona fide yoga class at a yoga studio or a hike somewhere off campus, weather permitting.

Dullness Abatement:
Do something once every two weeks, possibly with a friend.  Eg visit a gallery, attend one of Goucher's many free cultural/ entertainment events, go somewhere I haven't been before.

Teaching/ Parenting tweak:
Be clear what my objectives are, but flexible about how to attain them, thereby balancing the goal (learning something specific/ putting coats on) with the needs, constraints and desires of the individual I am encouraging to meet that goal.

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