Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I yelled

The regret and guilt are instant.

We were 20 minutes past bedtime.  I had a late afternoon faculty meeting, so the children had been at preschool later than usual, and then dinner was later, and we were all tired.
I got them bathed, and toothbrushed and pottied and hairbrushed and storied and in bed.

Then I went to answer work email and Winton shrieked that he needed to go to the potty.  Though I knew he didn't, I am really trying to encourage potty usage, so I took him.  And he didn't pee.

On putting him back in bed, Clara asked for a glass of water . . . and I lost my biscuit.

I believe I stamped my feet as though I was even younger than them, and yelled at a volume our row-house neighbors could probably hear, "Yrrrrrrgnzf!  You two are making me  SO DAMN FRUSTRATED!"

They both then shut up.

And I felt instantly guilty and awful and went about kissing their heads and apologising.


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  1. Oh goodness. Don't you even worry anymore. I'm pretty sure I exclaim to my boys that they are driving me bananas/crazy/nuts. We're in it's all good. Breathe. ;) I always forget to do that.