Thursday, October 20, 2011

Alarming incidents

1) Pepita emerged from the basement last night with a small squirming snake in her mouth.  This is the second small squirming basement snake in as many weeks.  Do they live down there?  Thank-god Pepita, who is otherwise a rowdy little trouble maker, is coming good on this.  I hope she is catching them all.  I hope there isn't a "them."

2) Winton woke me in tears: "I can't find Neh Neh [his blanket]!  "O, no, Mummy!  I dropped it"  On closer inspection, Neh Neh was under his head, where it usually is. Cause of distress?  Winton dreamt he'd dropped Neh Neh out of bed.

3) A policeman came to talk to Clara's class yesterday about what police officers do.  This morning she is all about making pretend 911 calls with me as emergency services.
Clara [into a toilet paper spool] "Hello?  911?"
Me [into my tea cup] "Yes, this is 911.  Fire, ambulance or police?"
Clara "Fire and Veterinarian, please."
Me "What seems to be the trouble, Ma'am?  We don't usually do veterinary emergencies."
Clara "My kitty has fire coming out of her ears."

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