Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bleak House

I have mused before that the ideal way to sap someone's will to live is to inflict on them a series of small but significant mishaps/ hardships.  For instance, as my last 24 hours have demonstrated: needing to fast for a bloodtest, discovering that someone has egged my car, being grumpy at preschool drop-off and then feeling bad, being repeatedly interrupted at work, having a meeting run and hour and half late, having tired children who scream the whole ride home, coming home to see Pepita pee into the downstairs curtains, noticing, abjectly, that we have rid our house of couch, carpets and most soft items because of cat pee, and then starting off the weekend  by attending a school open house, thus reminding myself of the herculean effort it will be to find a school place for Clara that we can afford.  Yay life.  Our small house stinks and is uncomfortable, the children need more than I can give them, and I have forgotten what is supposed to feel good about all of this.

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