Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winton, Pet Names

Winton asks to go home every day after we've dropped Clara off, en route to his daycare.

W: "Hum, Mummy?"
Me: "No. It's a school day.  You're going to see MARIA!"
W: "Oh."
W: "Hahdie hum?"
Me: "Yup.  Hardie's at home."
W: "Puntin hum?"
Me: "Yup.  Pumpkin's at home too."
W:  "Bssssss hum?"
Me: "Briseis?  Yes.  Also home."
W: "Dadi hum?"
Me: "No.  Daddy's at work."
W: "Oh."
W: "Hum?  I do.  I do I do."
Me: "I know, lovey.   But I've got to go to work."
W: "Hahdie hum?"


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