Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hardie the Inscrutable

Hardie.  The dog that quit obedience school after two classes, and got a refund for the rest of the course because we "weren't getting it."  He of the sudden, unheralded, puddles of clear vomit. 

I have been teaching him to sit before receiving his kibble.  This works by dint of me holding the steel bowl high in the air so that to look at it he has to put his bum on the floor, and it only works providing I don't confuse things by issuing a verbal command, or, god forbid, praising Hardie when he actually sits.

This morning Husband (unschooled in fine art of getting Hardie to do his one "sit" of the day) fed the dog.

20 minutes or so later, I walk into the kitchen to find Hardie staring at his untouched breakfast, hound dog ears drooping sadly, wide-eyed.

Me: "Why isn't the dog eating?"
Husband: "I don't know."
Me: "Did he throw up?"
Husband: "I don't think so."
Me: "Do you think it's because he didn't have to sit for it?  Maybe he thinks he's not allowed to eat it?"

[I hold bowl in the air.  Hardie, already seated, continues to look at it, as though in pain.  I put the bowl down.  I walk away.  Hardie eats.]

Really??  This dog?  THIS dog.  This one now won't eat unless explicitly (through silent ritual) given permission.

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