Monday, December 13, 2010


I think Winton is weaned.  We had been a "left-boob only" establishment for about two and a half months (the more comfortable side, and the one needing "attention" to make it match the right anyway). This week we have moved to no boob at all.  Instead, having never used a pacifier, Winton's now addicted to a "chewbetteh" (in the argot of daycare chez Maria).  Also known as, in his pronunciation, a "petah."

On Winton, milestones and odd pronunciations, this weekend also brought the following conversation:

Husband: "Winton, get your head off the dog's penis."
Winton: [Silent, staring at dog's penis.  Then, with recognition and fellowship] "Oh! Peh-nis! Peh-nis!  Peh-nis!"

And, as we are on the scatological, it also brought Winton mimicking his sister (who had been mimicking the dog) in pretending to pee on a tree.  "Poo-pee, Mummy!"

As for Clara, she is experimenting with the idea of imaginary friends and has one named Charlie who is, apparently, "Henry, but naughty."  Imaginary friends AND Jekyll/ Hyde constructions all at once.  She is very advanced, no?

She had pink eye this weekend.  Both have a hacking cough that sounds a bit like mild croup.

We also made our Christmas tree out of construction paper this weekend.  Last year we must have used up all the appropriate paper colours for decorations (red balls, yellow bells, white snowmen).  This year we have a green tree with: pink love hearts, black cats, blue hounds, yellow "moons" (they look like bananas) and some snowflakes gone wrong that look like doll faces out of a horror movie.  Clara loves it.

I have piles upon piles of grading now.  Ah December.

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