Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday Index (thanks to Harper's Magazine)

Number of times dog threw up in car on way to/ from Illinois: 7
Number of times Winton threw up in car: 1
Number of unnecessary pee stops for Clara: 3
Number of nights in a hotel in Elyria Ohio: 2 (one night each way)
Number of nights in a hotel in which a previous guest's vomit was on the bathroom wall: 1
Number of times dog threw up in hotel: 1
Number of times dog peed on grandma's new carpet: 1
Days of travel to/from Illinois: 4
Days in Illinois: 4
Days in Illinois spent in a car for more than 3 hours: 1
Days in Illinois I spent suffering from stomach flu: 1.5
Number of functions involving more than 10 people/ children over the 4 days in Illinois: 2
Grandma's stress level about those 2 functions: code red
Percentage of Christmas and birthday gifts from Illinois family for Clara (DOB Jan 3) and Winton (DOB Dec 30) that didn't fit in the vast Jeep Grand Cherokee we rented for the trip and will have to be mailed later: 10
Of the remaining 90% of gifts, percentage that fit in the children's play area at home: 35
Number of things Husband broke in fit of temper: 1 (window scraper when unnecessary Clara pee stop coincided with dog vomit in car)
Number of things I broke in a fit of temper: 1 (hand soap dispenser when finally home, overtired, and angry at Husband for not saying thank-you for my having gone on Holiday to his family's)
Best presents: new coat, scarf and banjo lessons (thanks, Husband, and sorry for my temper)

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