Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Winton and the 4.53 pm nap

Winton and I have to leave to get his sister from gymnastics in about 20 minutes. 
He just fell asleep. 
He should have fallen asleep hours ago, but didn't.  We've been watching Ninjago all day. 
This is a bad time to fall asleep. 

I won't even be able to stuff him into a car seat without waking him, because of the elbow he broke yesterday at this time by casually tripping on a bit of curb right by our house. 

Of course he's exhausted now though: we spent all of yesterday evening at St.  Joseph's waiting to have his elbow x-rayed, and discovering that a bit of bone ( his elbow process, or olecranon)  has been snapped off and will require surgical reattachment. 

I myself haven't been napping today because I've been calling pediatric orthopedic surgeons and because the thought of my 5 year old boy having pins surgically inserted into a bone I hadn't even heard of until last night gives me the terrors.

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