Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Yesterday's sore throat turned joined up with a fever and a tummy ache, resulting in Clara being sent home from school early.

Winton, as you know, is wearing a cast.  He's also been having nightmares about a little girl "not part of our family" who flushes him down the toilet.

Because both were looking ragged, I fetched the double stroller out of the garage yesterday.  I should have sold that stroller two years ago.  It's only laziness that has kept it around. 

Yesterday we used it.  We crossed York Rd. into Guildford, enjoying the sun and the manicured gardens.  We walked a route that I haven't walked in about two years because on foot the two of them won't go that far (also two kids and a dog all on their own feet and trying to cross York Rd, twice, is a bit much).  The stroller walk was fantastic, a throwback into another era of dogwalking, and a means of being out with the kids without having to be so vigilant.

Today, there's more snow, more fever, more sore throat, more over-tiredness.  We've already been out in the stroller again.  I am tempted to embark on walk #3 . . .

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