Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Clara: Not Crazy

Let me explain:

Clara watches Dr. Who.  She likes the Tardis ("tartis").

Clara's Mommy (me) lives at an apartment in which I have argued there is  a Cat Goddess ("cat gotis") who sends gifts down a special cat tunnel accessed through a mysterious flap in one of the apartment's cupboards and whose magic operates on the strength of my love and missing of Clara and Winton.

Conveniently the Walters Museum and books about Egypt substantiate the existence of a Cat Goddess, and call her Bastet, and frequently depict her in silver, gold and bronze statue form (as drawn above).

When I saw the children on Sunday, after being away Saturday, "The Cat Goddess" sent along Tardis shaped soaps as gifts for the children.


No one's crazy.

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