Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Falling on Swords: More on Kids and Custody

Words I said:
"primary residence" (in reference to a future 6 months or so away and children and Kids' House with their father)

nota bene:
I still want and intend to carve out at least 50% of the parenting time and responsibility, but in other ways than asking the children to schlep between two "primary" residences.  They come to me two nights a week.  I come to them one night a week.  I spend weekday time with them every weekday and weekend time on some kind of sensible schedule all of which is TBD.

This is the right thing (for my children, in these circumstances.  You, Reader, may have entirely different predicaments to deal with and your decisions will be right for reasons just as good as mine.)

My primary residence and my children's may not be one and the same (even if I see them every weekday, as I hope I will; even if they come to me a couple of nights a week).  Even if this is the right thing, it is very very painful.

1) Losing closeness with my children.
2) Them thinking I didn't want them (So not true!  So very not true!)

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