Monday, January 13, 2014

Today's news

Of the household, I am probably the sickest (ie the most capable of horking up green slime from somewhere in my lungs) . . .

 Clara is also home "sick" from school today (or, she is the reason I am home).  She had a minor fever and a major melt-down and voila: she is downstairs building traps for the cats Pepita and Pumpkin.
She is going to teach them math sentences.

It is also sunny outside so I feel gross, frustrated not to be at work, and frustrated to be inside when finally the weather is pleasant (after more than a week of it being too terrible to be out in).

Today's bathroom story comes courtesy of Winton:
W:"Ooops.  Mummy I peed on the wall by mistake."
Me: "Where?"
W: "There."
Me: "Oh, gross."
W: "And also there, there and there."

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